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Specialized short and long term camera solutions for the construction industry.

Weeks, months or even years of construction captured in minutes with our time-lapse services.
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Drones are  the answer for all aerial data collection and photo/video needs, but there are significant advantages when they’re used correctly.
  1.             Construction
    Using drones to Capture Construction Progress Photos. Create an accurate visual timeline of your job site using Drone Pix4D Progress Photos feature.
  2. Commercial Real Estate
    Commercial Real Estate
    Commercial & Residential Real Estate are not the Same Thing! Commercial real estate photography is, more often than not, marketing-oriented, and to capture great marketing photos.
  3. largest oil and gas companies around the world deploy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, to address a wide variety of operational challenges. This rapidly improving technology, along with advances in big data and artificial intelligence, is poised to transform the O&G industry. That’s because the aerial intelligence provided by drones offers several key benefits, including making inspections safer and helping companies comply with regulatory requirements.
    Oil & Gas inspection
    Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring. Drone inspection services help oil and gas engineers isolate indicators of rust and corrosion around the circumference of a pipeline.
  4.   Mapping and Survey
    Mapping and Survey
    Drones are cutting costs and increasing profits by creating aerial Photo/video.Annotated elevation heat map created with drone imagery.
  5.  Wind Turbine Inspection
    Wind Turbine Inspection
    Service that G3B can provide to wind farm owners will lead to faster, and more efficient operations and maintenance solutions.
  6.  Commercial Roof Inspection
    Commercial Roof Inspection
    A detailed roof inspection report can help roof repair services come up with and to give them a better picture of what the repair job will entail a roof inspection process.



Here you will find our drone services, Media Production, Aerial Inspections, and Assessments. Every job will be assessed based on the hours and complexity and mutually agreed prior to the start of work.

Each job, no matter the type we conduct a through safety, risk and  compliance assessment as each flight mission includes:

Site Permissions
Pre-mission Compliance Review
Risk Analysis and Control Measures
Site Survey & Flight Plan
FAA for Flight Operations
With Local Airport  (if required)
NAV FAA Airspace Deconfliction
Check Drone Liability Insurance
Additional Named insured (if required)
Admin/Flight Logging
Post Flight Maintenance Checks
Data Management/File Conversion
Local Travel to/from Shoot Location

Still Photos

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